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Local Danish marketing agency

Based on experience with and knowledge about Danish consumers’ buying behavior, we are able to manage your marketing efforts in the Danish market.

Our dedicated team of marketing specialists helps you solve cultural differences and potential entry barriers.

One total unit of specialists

Apropos Bureau is your local marketing partner, providing great customer- and consumer relations.

We provide a customised all-in-one marketing package, including a combination of online-, offline-, textual- and graphical design solutions.

Select services as needed

We wish to offer the best suitable marketing solutions. Therefore, you are free to select and combine the exact services that fit your needs.

Throughout our collaboration we enable you to adjust the services that best suit your present needs.

A transparent and flexible process

A potential new collaboration begins with a workshop where we jointly examine your business, needs, and objectives.

We believe that transparency is key. Providing a monthly marketing report in which our work is registered.


Apropos Marketing Partner
Become a permanent marketing partner at Apropos Bureau and gain access to our various expert services. You will receive a complete and flexible solution that will be customised to your ever changing marketing needs.
USD 899 / EUR 800 (per month)

Should your business have a variety of marketing assignments in progress during the coming months, but not be in need of a permanent marketing solution, the 10 -hour-coupon could be the perfect alternative.
USD 1.199 / EUR 1.069 (per coupon)

Tasks at Ad-hoc-basis
There is no task too big- or small. We’re happy to help your business on a single-task-basis. Whether the desired product is a market report, competitor analysis, translation of text, website localization, or a new visual identity, we can provide help that is both sufficient and efficient.
USD 149 / EUR 129 (per hour)

All prices are excluding Danish VAT and TAX.

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